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Photos and Sketches: Photos and sketches (if available) can be displayed and saved to your computer for use.

Printable Property Record Sheet : Contains property assessment data as well as any available primary photo and sketch all in a multi-colored printable report.

Owner List: Pv Plus can generate an owner list by owner name, subdivision or township-range, perfect for mail merging into labels, envelopes, or form letters. Owner lists contain information such as: account number, name, address, values, school district, acres, lots, and homestead.

Quick Comps: A quick way to find comparable sales after finding your subject property in the assessment data.

Database Query: Perform complex database searches. Search option includes: sale date, square footage, vacant/improved sales, geographic areas, year built, and many others.You can also save queries for future use.

Mapping: Online maps can be searched by account number, name, address, etc. Maps can be zoomed and printed. Maps layers including Parcel, Sales, Aerial Photo, Topo and Census Tract.

Grantee/Grantor Search:
Search the sales history by entering the last name and/or first name of the person you are searching for.

Interactive Mapping
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