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Level 1 / Silver Option
Assessment Access for one to nine counties in the database. The user can search by entering the following information: Owner Name , Property Address , Account Number , Mailing Address . Once an account has been selected, a sales history on that account can be displayed, building elements can be displayed, a sketch may be displayed on some of the properties and a photo can be displayed, if available. If a photo is available, it can be saved to subscribers PC for use. A summary report can also be printed that contains all of the information such as taxes, legal description, etc. In addition, the user receives the ability to extract owner lists by subdivision or township/range. Cost: $13.75 per month, per county.

Level 1 / Gold Option
Same access for one to nine counties as silver, plus complex residential and commercial database query searches including sales dates, square footage, sales, geographic areas, and many others. If digital mapping is available for the county you have chosen, you will also have the ability to access it at no additional cost. Cost: $16.50 per month, per county.

Level 2 / Silver Option
Assessment access to all counties in the database. Searches and reporting are the same as in Level1/Silver except that all counties we have are included. Cost: $137.50 per month.

Level 2 / Gold Option
Full access to all counties in the database. All reporting and search functions available as listed in Level1/Gold including digital plats if available. Cost: $165.00 per month.

Site Licensing
Licenses to PvPlus are sold on a site license basis with one connection at a time. Other options are available to allow additional connections at those sites. Contact us for more details

$165   per month for full access to all Counties